Lynn Haven City Manager, Mike White, is facing serious charges after reports said he pointed a gun in his wife’s face following an argument. 

White is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. Between the late hours of March 16th and the early morning of March 17th, the victim, Amy White, told officers a verbal argument broke out between her and her husband, Michael White.

The victim stated that at some point she retreated to the bathroom to take a shower and the defendant entered and pointed a firearm at her. She said that after she got out of the shower she discovered a .22 caliber bullet on the floor of the bathroom.

She said once she got out of the shower, Mike White picked up the firearm a second time, pointed it at her and then turned it on himself, asking her to shoot him, causing the victim to be in fear for her life, according to authorities. 

Reports said she then called for help but realized while she was on the phone, White began to forcefully push her against her will out of the residence but was unsuccessful. He then fled the scene. 

Police reports indicate that this was not the first instance of a domestic dispute between the two. 

A statement from White himself shares his side of the incident stating he grabbed a semi-automatic firearm and turned it on himself while loaded. He said he then dropped the magazine, ejected the round out of the chamber, raised the firearm up in Amy’s direction, and stated, “What do you want me to do, shoot you?” He advised he then left the residence.