BCSO Lends Helping Hand to Hamilton County Officers After Irma


After receiving a request from the state Emergency Operations Center, the Bay County Sheriff’s Office is off to Hamilton County, in North Central Florida, to assist in the aftermath of hurricane Irma.

A team of twelve sheriff’s office personnel along with four deputies from the Jackson County office, headed out Tuesday Morning. The special team has been sent with 8 to 10 days worth of supplies. Hamilton County is dealing with an influx of individuals returning to Florida and the team is tasked with helping the flow of traffic, security at gas stations, and relieving officers who have been working 36 hour shifts.

“We all look after each other in this business and the Sheriff’s look after each other. We’ve been prepared now for the last three days knowing what was coming to respond a team out in this situation,” said David Baldwin, Field Services Division Captain.

The team is unsure how long they will be in Hamilton County assisting, but they say they’ll stay as long as it takes. 


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