They protect, they serve, and they workout… The Bay County Sheriff’s Office along with community members have been training as a team for the upcoming Spartan race in Atlanta. The Sheriff’s Office invited News 13’s Kelly Grosfield to join the team for a rigorous practice workout.  

Every Wednesday and Saturday this team meets at the Bay County jail to train. For the past three months, Team Evolve has been running, stretching, and tackling obstacle courses in preparation for a rigorous race. 
“I’ve seen a lot of heart out of this team. In my career I’ve worked with a lot of teams, but the team here has really come together as one and just really has a lot of heart and is ready for these races,” Bay Co. Sheriff, Tommy Ford.
Saturday the team will engage in the 10 mile Spartan race in Atlanta. Coach James Thompson who leads the preparation workouts says that this group of men and women are more than ready.   

“It’s turned out to be a lot bigger than what I thought it would be not just the size of the team which is two-fold of what it was the first season but the impact that we get to make on people’s lives, mentally, physically we’ve created more of a family then a team,” Clinical Sports Nutritionist, James Thompson.

A few of the obstacles on the practice course include monkey bars, tunnel crawls, and even climbing over walls. Not only does the Bay County Sheriff’s office use this training to prepare for the Spartan race, but they’re also using it in their line of duty.

“But it does have benefits from our job, being more fit and able to handle situations that require physical activity as well as handling the stresses of everyday life,” said Ford. 

With commitment, dedication and teamwork, Team Evolve has not only helped prepare the Sheriff’s office staff physically for this race, but also helped them form lasting relationships with community members on the team along the way.
After the Spartan race on Saturday in Atlanta, the next competition the team will be participating in will be a 16 mile “Beast” race in Lakeland.