BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — For those needing to get somewhere but have no way to get there, Bay County may be able to help you out.

Bayway, formerly the Bay Towne Trolley, offers an on-demand ride service for those who qualify and can’t make it to the bus stops.

Bayway officials are working to grow their on-demand ride system.

The service is available to those meeting certain criteria.

All riders must have no other way of transporting themselves and not live within three-quarters of a mile from a fixed route bus stop.

Riders must also be either 60+, fall below the federal poverty line, or have a qualifying disability.

“Contact us,” transit program administrator Lamar Hobbs said. “Schedule your appointments or your rides that you need. We’ll pick you up prior to your time that you need to be there right at your house or wherever it is you’re staying and then we will transport you to the exact location you need to go. We call it a curb-to-curb service.”

The service costs $1.50, the rest is covered by state grants.

Bayway is also finalizing a partnership with Uber to expand its on-demand capabilities further.

“You can simply take an Uber just like you would any other trip any other place and you’ll pay the initial cost, what they call the co-pay cost which is $1.50, and then we’ll pick up the rest of the cost for you and that trip is scheduled through our software.”

Hobbs said Bayway is also in the process of moving from small buses to transit vans for the on-demand service.

“We are looking at transitioning some of our demand response vehicles over to those because economically they are more affordable. They use less gas. They are easier to maneuver for our drivers. They don’t require our drivers to have CDLs.”

Two of those new vans are scheduled to begin service in the coming weeks.

Bayway on-demand currently averages around 1,000 rides a week all across Bay County.