PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB)- During times of disaster, doctors, and nurses rise to the occasion, dropping everything for those in need.

Now, a local hospital employee who’s used to being the one aiding those in need is getting some much-needed help, herself.

Following Hurricane Michael, Bay Medical recognized their employees were in need and knew they had to help. The hospital along with their parent company, Ascension, created “Bay Helping Bay” connected employees with any resources needed to help them recover.

“We have companies such as ccs cat who has really sponsored this home and done the welcome work to put it back together and that’s allowed our associates to come out and put finishing touches on it,” said Heath Evans, Bay Medical Sacred Heart COO.

Tina Alliston of Panama City has worked at Bay Medical hospital for more than 10 years.

Hurricane Michael completely gutted her house; displacing her family and bringing down her spirit.

“There is finally light at the end of the tunnel. We were pretty sure we were gonna be in the camper another couple of years before we settled and finally rebuilt,” said Tina Alliston, a Bay Medical Health Nurse.

On Saturday, her fellow employees worked tirelessly. installing floors, painting, and attempting to give the family the home they deserved.

“I’ve cried today, I’ve laughed today. Everybody is here on their day off, everybody is ruining their clothes, everybody is painting, everybody is laughing…we’re actually having a really good time,” Alliston.

While the journey has been long, she hopes to be in her new home soon.

Those who helped get the ball rolling on the project say helping each other is what the hospital is all about

“Our caregivers are the ones that do the work and when we look around and realize that they’re in a tough position and we can actually reach out and use some of our resources to help, we’re really happy to help,” said Damian Skelton, Area VP for Medics Health Facilities.

Alliston says she couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.