Another lawsuit is settled between Bay Haven Charter Academy and a former North Bay Haven principal.

Friday, Bay Haven Charter Academy’s board of directors met to finalize the amount and terms. They agreed on a $400,000 settlement. 

“What this settlement allows us to do is for both sides to find closure to the situation and go ahead and move on,” said Bay Haven Charter Academy CEO Larry Bolinger. 

The lawsuit was filed by former North Bay Haven principal Michelle Gainer. According to court documents Gainer and former assistant principal Erin Harper sued Bay Haven for retaliation and gender discrimination. The documents say Gainer was fired in 2016 after she and Harper reported alleged sexual and religious harassment by then CEO Dr. Tim Kitts. Kitts resigned in the spring of 2016.
Current CEO Larry Bolinger said he is ready to move on.

“We are going to do what we do everyday. We have an excellent educational program, and we are going to continue to have school and be successful teaching our children,” said Bolinger.

But this case is not the last for Bay Haven.

“There are a couple other cases pending so that will be coming up later on this spring and summer,” said Bolinger.

After Kitts resigned from Bay Haven Charter Academy he was principal at Rising Leaders Academy. A few weeks ago, he resigned from that position. No details on his departure have been released.