Bay District Waiting on State Test Scores Before Releasing High School Report Cards

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - If you are anxiously awaiting your teenagers report card, you may have to wait a little longer. Bay District Schools is holding off on releasing high school report cards because they don't have the state end of course test score results.

However, elementary school report cards are posted on parent portals and available for pick up at your child's school. The district sent out an iris alert Tuesday morning to let high school parents know they may see a letter "I " for incomplete when they pull up their grades. That will be updated with the correct grade as soon as the state releases the scores.

"The state has to release those to us by June 30th so it could be tomorrow, it could be next Wednesday, so as soon as they are released to us we will upload them to parent portal immediately, we will print them and bring them to the schools," said Bay District Director of Communications Sharon Michalik.

The district also wants to remind parents who have moved to update their address on the parent portal so that school buses have the correct address this fall.  To do this you have to not only change it on the parent portal but bring two proofs of address to your school. 

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