Bay District Teacher of the year takes Flight of a Lifetime

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - From the schools to the sky. Bay District Schools teacher of the year, Cathy Felty, is experiencing a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Mrs. Felty is the first teacher to go up in an adversary T-38 aircraft. Cathy Felty, the media specialist at Margaret K. Lewis and Bay District teacher of the year can now add another accomplishment to her books. That accomplishment...flying in a T-38 jet plane. 
"Of course there's a little bit of nervousness, but it's going to be phenomenal, it's going to be awesome. How often does somebody get to go up into a jet and fly around?! I'm really looking forward to it," said Bay District Teacher of the Year, Cathy Felty.

Felty says she's kind of a thrill seeker and has been looking forward to this special flight, but she's not taking it alone. Photos of her late father in law, George Felty, who was once stationed at Tyndall, joined her on her journey. 

Although it's a great experience for Felty, she's already thinking of ways to share what she's learned with her students. 

"I want to use this as an opportunity to work with my students, to teach them about flight, the military and the air force and we're already planning on some things that we can write grants for next year to incorporate this experience into our kids education," said Felty. 

After preparations, she suits up and prepares for her flight in the T-38 jet than can go up to 450 miles per hour. An experience unlike any other.
"It's great for anybody if they ever have an opportunity like this. It's just an overall adventure that will change your life," said Air Force Pilot, Lt. Brian Miller. 
For Felty, it's one she'll never forget. Since Felty is a district teacher of the year, that means she's in the running for state teacher of the year. In May, officials will announce the finalists for the award. 

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