Bay District Schools working hard on hurricane damages before school starts


BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Classes start in just a few short weeks, and Bay District Schools are still picking up the pieces from Hurricane Michael. 

“We are getting to it and we are not taking any breaks,” said Director of Facilities Lee Walters.  “We are, as fast as we can go, continuing until everything is complete, and unfortunately that is going to be a while.” 

The storm caused more than 300 million dollars in damages to school facilities. The district is working with both FEMA and architecture firms to get the schools completed. 

Their top concern is the roofing of all the schools. 

“We will get the roofs put on, were going to move inside, then we are going to start the interior work,” said Walters. 

Some schools will still have modular buildings for some classrooms,  like Bay High, Rutherford High and Merritt Brown Middle School. 

“It is not going to be necessarily completed by the time students come back, but it’s going to have a smaller footprint,” said Walters. 

He says this is a big project, but school will be in session. 

“There’s areas that are not attractive, not aesthetically pleasing, but we are safe to operate,” said Walters.

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