BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Mosley’s head football coach, Jeremy Brown, is suspended for Friday night’s football game, after allowing a volunteer with a criminal history to coach on his staff.

Brown went above principal Brian Bullock’s head, after he said in a letter that he determined that this volunteer coach did not meet the standards of the school.

Each Bay District School volunteer that interacts one-on-one with a student, like an athletic coach, must go through the school’s screening process.

The first step is getting on the coach’s roster.

“Once they get on that roster, and want to be a volunteer coach, then they have to get what we call VEX fingerprint background check,” said safety and security chief Mike Jones.

VEX is the school’s volunteer employee criminal history system.

“We run that check through NCIC and FCIC that is the National Crime Information Center, which is the FBI and the Florida Crime Information Center, which is the state of Florida,” said Jones.

Jones says the system isn’t perfect, but it does work.

“Sometimes accidents happen, somebody gets past us but not very often,” said Jones.

In the Mosley case, the volunteer coach was never vetted through the background process.

Jones say they get around 5,000 applicants in a school year, and many do not make the cut.

“A high percentage of people get denied, because we do not allow them access to our children,” said Jones.

They immediately deny anyone with a criminal history.

“There’s a lot of people out there that get disqualified because of narcotics, violent crimes with weapons and guns and murder.”

In a statement from principal Brian Bullock, Coach Brown may face disciplinary measures.