Bay District Schools discusses anticipated start date for 2020-2021


PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB)–Bay District Schools held a news conference Wednesday morning to discuss the findings of a recent survey. Employees and stakeholders had the option to weigh in on the district’s plans for the next school year.

Participants were asked a series of questions regarding when they would prefer to go back to school, whether they prefer distance learning over in-person instruction, and whether or not they or their children will wear a mask upon returning.

69.26% of employees and 67.53% of stakeholders preferred starting in August as planned and finishing before Memorial Day.

25.51% of employees and 25.26% of stakeholders preferred delaying the school start until after Labor Day and continuing school until mid-June. 5.23% of employees and 7.2% of stakeholders preferred ‘other’.

When asked about the type of instruction preferred, 64.02% of employees and 64.84% of stakeholders preferred in-person instruction with social distancing. 25.01% of employees and 28.24% of stakeholders preferred distance learning. 10.96% of employees and 6.92% of stakeholders preferred ‘other’.

“I think that it’s very obvious that everyone wants us to start school back on time with a regular schedule so that’s what we’re planning. We’re gonna move forward with that plan,” said Bill Husfelt, the Superintendent for Bay District Schools.

If the decision is allowed to be made locally, the district says the intended start date for students is August 11th. But that can change if the decision ends up being controlled by the state.

As for personal protective equipment, 56.71% of employees said they will most likely be wearing a mask when they return to work. 43.29% of employees said they will not be wearing a mask when they return to work.

47.51% of parents said their children will be wearing a mask when they return. 52.49% of parents said their children will not be wearing masks when they return.

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