Bay District Schools accepting school supplies donations


While lots of recovery from Hurricane Michael is happening in the Bay Area, there are still many families struggling and Bay District School Board’s is looking to take a little weight off parents shoulders for this school year. 

With the help of lots of donations from the community, Bay District School Board is making sure no families have to go shopping for this upcoming school year.

The district is looking to minimize or eliminate school supply shopping for families.

Director of Communications for Bay District Schools, Sharon Michalik said they are looking for donations of school supplies items or monetary donations for students at schools from all grade levels from kindergarten through 12th grade.

“If people want to donate, they can email us here at the office of communications, at, and what we’ll do is find out their interest level, what they’re interested in donating and then we’ll match them specifically with a school that needs that particular item.” said Michalik.

Tyndall Elementary, Highland Park, and Parker Elementary have all fulfilled school supplies for the entire school year and won’t be having a supplies list this year. Bay District is also giving families a little something extra before school starts.

“We know that families are also going to need help with back to school clothing, so at our back to school bash on August 1st at the stadium.. from 5-7:30.” said Michalik

They say this will be a great weight off parents shoulders after the storm

Parents will be able to come and bring their students, their students must be present and they’ll fill out a clothing request form, and we’ll be able to give them pants, tops, socks, shoes, underwear all stuffed in a backpack everything they need for back to school in terms of clothing right there and the supplies will be waiting for them at school.” said Michalik.

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