Bay District School Survey Reveals Majority Supports Armed Teachers


After nearly two thousand employees across Bay District School were surveyed on school security Wednesday, Superintendent Bill Husfelt says the majority support teachers having guns on campus.

On Friday, Husfelt explained the breakdown of those who were in favor and those who weren’t.

“Sixty-forty, the teachers would trust some teachers to have guns to protect them in the school,” he said 

According to Husfelt, training is critical. “Their feeling was someone that was trained and able to go through the requirements as rigorous as they would be, they would be comfortable with that,” he said.

However, Husfelt believes that appointing several armed teachers at every school may not be possible.

“I think you might be talking about maybe a dozen or two in all for the whole county. This is not going to be ten or fifteen at every school. It’s just not going to happen. The requirements that I read, and I’ve talked to with the Sheriff, are just way too stringent to start allowing a lot of people doing that,” he said.

Husfelt says that in addition to more school security, more mental health counselors was ranked second in the survey. “Armed security was number one, but number two by far, mental illness and help for mental illness in children and students,” said Husfelt.

Bay District School officials will also be holding an assembly on Monday to discuss the survey. 

Earlier this week the Florida House approved a bill that would allow ten teachers trained to carry a gun at every school.

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