Bay County’s DOH prepares for upcoming hurricane season


BAY COUNTY, FL (WMBB) – Bay County’s Department of Health employees prepared for the upcoming hurricane season with an all-staff training Thursday. 

Employees learned their individual duties, roles and responsibilities for the upcoming hurricane season. 

“It’s going to make us more readily prepared and do a better job at serving the public, working with our county officials as we move into the season,” Sandon Speedling, the Interim Adminstrator Health Officer for DOH said. 

Speedling said the department is taking the lessons they learned from hurricane Michael and adjusting the way they prepare for disasters by changing their command structure. 

“It’s going to be better organized and more structured should we get called into action,” Speedling said. “It’s about knowing who certain staff members report to and having a strong incident command structure.”

The entire staff sat together in one room and learned about the new command structure and best practices when it comes to responding to disasters. After attending the group session, employees attended break out sessions to learn their individual roles during a disaster. 

Although hurricane season is coming up, the health department is preparing for every disaster. 

“It could be a tornado, a flood a rain event, or it could be ice,” Speedling said. Although they don’t want these things to happen, the Health Department is making sure they are ready for anything. The department plans to continue preparing for hurricane season and other disasters moving forward. 

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