Volunteers help Hurricane victims at North Star Church

Bay County

In the wake of the Hurricane devastation, a lot of people have been getting together and giving back to the community in any way they can. One group in particular is the North Star Church in Callaway.

The goal is to give out supplies to people in need. Marty Martin, lead pastor of North Star Church, told News 13 that everyday at lunch they are working to get hot lunches available to the community.

What made the church’s supply location unique is that it is set up to drive through and get items quickly.

“It’s easier for people to stay in their car, and let us serve them. We can get stuff into their cars a lot faster this way,” said Pastor Martin.

Pastor Martin also said that different organizations from all over the country have been helping to supply the demand of certain needs of the local community. Trucks and other church members have been coming in from all over the country to help out.

“It’s amazing to me, because I grew up in this community, to see the outpouring of love and support people are giving. It’s all different organizations, all different kinds of churches coming together trying to fulfill the needs of the people here in Bay County,” said Pastor Martin.

The church is located at 162 N Tyndall Pkwy in Callaway.

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