Mobile IDs coming to Florida in 2021

Bay County

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — If you’re prone to losing your wallet or leaving your driver’s license behind, there will soon be another way to carry your ID.

The state of Florida is getting ready to roll out a new mobile ID system.

“We expect it to grow pretty quickly and become pretty popular,” said Bay County Tax Collector, Chuck Perdue. “It seems to be very successful, very well received around the country.”

Florida is one of about a dozen states throughout the country introducing the new system, in which a resident with a valid driver’s license can access their ID through a mobile app. Florida’s mobile ID app is currently being developed. 

When it becomes available to the public, drivers would be able to purchase the app for their device for a price that is currently undetermined. Then, they would answer the questions, sending their information to an encrypted database. The system would verify their identity, and their ID would then be able to be accessed from the mobile device and read by others who have a designated reader app.

Perdue said this makes for a safer experience, since people would only be able to access the data they need to know, like someone’s age if ordering an alcoholic beverage.

“It provides for an expedited, secure transaction where you’re not giving up all your personally identifying information to people who don’t necessarily need to see everything on your driver’s license,” Perdue said.

Local residents said they like the idea, saying that it would be a more convenient option that they would most likely try.

However, Perdue said it’s completely optional, and traditional cards aren’t going away anytime soon. In fact, he recommends that anyone who opts to have the mobile ID also carry their physical ID when necessary.

“It’s suggested that you keep a hard card when you’re travelling out of state because not every state law enforcement agency or establishment is moved to these readers,” he said. “Florida is really on the cutting-edge of this technology.”

The mobile ID app will be pilot tested starting in December of this year, with selected participants. Once that trial is complete and troubleshooted, the system is expected to become available to the public in late 2021.

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