Meet Republican state committeewoman candidate: Mitzi Prater

Bay County

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Mitzi Prater is running for Republican state committeewoman against Veronica Kemeny and Melissa Seeuws.

Who is Mitzi Prater?

Prater studied history and English in college.

She moved to Florida from Alabama 25 years ago.

While in Alabama, she worked with Miss America program with Miss Alabama to educate young women for 10 years.

Her husband, Jerry, was the Panama City Fire Chief for 17 years.

Prater said she got involved in the Republican Party because of her Christian beliefs and the way she was raised: as a patriot. Her father was in the Navy and then became a police investigator and her mom worked as a legal secretary with a judge.

She’s worked with the Republican Party of Florida and of Bay County for 20 years. She was president of the Republican Women and served on the State Board of the Republican Women and was campaign chair for the state.

What are you core values and how will you represent Bay County?

Christian and deep conservative, she said. The Republican Party is made up of Patriots, she added.

What about the Republican platform would you like to see change or what would you like to work on?

I would like to teach people about the Republican Party, she said.

How would you summarize what Bay County is?

Bay County is conservative, she said.

“We fight for what we want and I will guarantee that I won’t stop fighting.”

How would you interact with those not a part of the Republican party?

Very respectfully, she said.

“I’m not against Democrats, I just don’t like the way they like to get to the place we want to get to sometimes.”

For example, she said, people have the right to own guns for protection and the Democrats don’t seem to think so.

Do you have any favorites among other candidates who are running right now?

No, she said, but “Be careful for the people who aren’t telling you the truth.”

Closing remarks:

“It’s not all about being pretty or making it all perfect, it’s about hard work and sweat. It’s about putting you tennis shoes on and sweating your makeup off, sticking a hat on your head and doing the work.”

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