Bay County sees lowest COVID positivity rate in months

Bay County

BAY COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) — The pandemic began just over a year ago. Since that time, there have been over two million positive COVID cases in Florida.

There have been three major surges of the virus, but now, the positivity rate seems like it will stay down for good.

People across the country have been watching the COVID-19 positivity rate fluctuate all year, but, Chief Medical Officer at Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center, Dr. Neil Kooy, said the course of this virus aligns with historical research. 

“As we have experienced there have been surges during the course of this pandemic and so this may be the natural end of what would be this third surge that we have experienced,” Kooy said.

To be considered in the safe zone, the positivity rate in your county must be below 10 percent. To put it into perspective, the positivity rate in Bay County back in July was at 28 percent.

Then at the start of March, the rate in Bay County was floating just below 10 percent. As of March 21 the positivity rate is at 4.15 percent. 

“This would probably be the lowest rate of positivity that we have seen since the start of the pandemic,” Kooy said.

Dr. Kooy said there are lots of factors leading to the low rates. 

“We are reaching a point that because of the vaccine distribution, because of the number of people that have tested positive with covid we are reaching what is termed herd immunity,” Kooy said.

He said around 25 percent of the Bay County population are now vaccinated, and to get over this pandemic we need to get people vaccinated to reach herd immunity.

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