Bay County teachers go all out for ‘Rock Your School Day’


BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — In an effort to make fun memories for their students, teachers across Bay County transformed their classrooms and dressed up in costumes for ‘Rock Your School Day’ on Thursday.

‘Rock Your School Day’ is designed to help students by using creative activities and lesson plans.

Southport Elementary Principal Todd Harless said every teacher participated in Thursday’s event and said he wanted to give kids the same fun memories he has of being in school.

“Our kids need to look forward to some things and this is a good thing to kind of get them out of a little bit of a rut and get them excited for education,” Harless said.

Lyndsey Myers, a fifth grade math teacher at Southport Elementary, said using creative activities helps students with harder subjects like math or reading.

“Because they’re doing it in a different and they don’t even know what they’re learning they’re just doing it,” Myers said. “Then at the end of the day, they realize how much they’ve accomplished and how much they can do.”

Ileah Faircloth, the principal of Hiland Park Elementary School, said teachers were able to include their Bay Link students as well.

“We have teachers that have transformed their classroom to Willy Wonka, they have done escape rooms virtually through PowerPoint, our Bay Link students have been able to participate it has just been truly a wonderful day at Hiland Park elementary,” Faircloth said.

Teachers participating in Rock Your School Day said that now more than ever it’s important to make sure that school is not only a place where students can come to learn, but they can also have some fun.

Melanie Baggett, a teacher at Hiland Park elementary, personally delivered the materials needed for ‘Rock Your School Day’ so her Bay Link students could participate in the festivities.

“I had parents calling me last night and even this morning telling me that their child wanted to know ‘is it time for school?’ so, they’re very excited for today,” Baggett said.

Principals at both schools said they’re very proud of the extra effort their teachers put in to make the day special for their students.

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