Bay County Sheriff’s Office searching for second suspect in carjacking


The Bay County Sheriff’s Office is working to identify a second suspect in a carjacking incident after taking the first suspect into custody June 25. The first suspect, Thomas Moore, was charged with grand theft auto, strong arm robbery and fleeing and alluding. The unknown suspect fled the scene of the carjacking in a separate vehicle.

The sheriff’s office stated it will be working with the public to find new information on the second subject in a multitude of ways.

“Basically, getting out and talking to people, interviewing witnesses, beating on doors and making things happen,” said Captain Jason Daffin at Bay County Sheriff’s Office. “I have no doubt by the end of the day we’ll have him identified and we will be having some charges coming his way.”

The sheriff’s office does believe the incident was isolated, as the two suspects were acquaintances of the victim.

“These guys, they knew what they were going there to do,” Daffin said. “It was an isolated thing, they knew and had this planned out what they were going to go do. I don’t think there’s a threat to anybody else at this time after we’ve looked into this and started investigating it.”

The office expressed confidence in being able to quickly locate the second subject and having charges assessed soon after. Though it believes the incident was isolated, it can still provide a valuable lesson for public safety.

“If there’s one thing I can say outside of this incident, is always be aware of your surroundings,” Daffin said. “You know, walking in parking lots, going to your car. If you’ve got a bad vibe from somebody that maybe is watching you or following you, there’s probably a reason you have that vibe. Anything suspicious or anything like that, feel free to call the sheriff’s office. We can come out and we can respond.”

Anyone with information on the second suspect is encouraged to contact the Bay County Sheriff’s Office.

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