LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford is bringing a new autism program to the county.

Sheriff’s deputies are distributing colorful autism awareness decals to those who care for people with autism.

They suggest placing one in the caregiver’s vehicle’s back window and another by the front door of their home.

When deputies approached the vehicle or the home, the stickers will alert them to the fact they may encounter an autistic person and can respond in an appropriate manner.

“There’s been cases across the country where an individual with autism is confronted by the police. The police officer doesn’t have knowledge of that and might view some of the actions out of the context of the person having autism,” sheriff Ford said. “I think there’s been some bad situations throughout the country and we certainly want to avoid that.”

Ford said his deputies are all trained on how to handle situations involving autistic individuals.

He believes the stickers will help.

They’re available at the Bay County Sheriff’s Office on Highway 77.