Bay County Humane Society Thrift Store nearing completion


PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB)–In the past few years, the Bay County Humane Society has dealt with a lot. First Hurricane Michael, then losing their main source of donations, and now the coronavirus. But the shelter says things are starting to look up. More than one and a half years after the Humane Society’s Thrift Store was destroyed during Hurricane Michael, they’re preparing to move into a new location.

“Different location, it still had a lot of damage from the hurricane. So we’re dealing with a lot, it was a lot more than we expected,” said Lauryn Gill, the Shelter Manager.

The new store will be located off 15th street in the Panama Plaza.

“Getting into projects you realize ‘this is a lot more than we expected”, and you know we don’t have a lot of help. You know, we don’t have crews or anything its just the staff from the shelter,” said Gill.

The Humane Society’s Thrift Store does more than provide discounted goods to residents. It serves as the main source of funding for the Humane Society.

“All the funds will go straight into the shelter. So hopefully when we reopen here, we can reopen shortly over there, that’s our main goal,” said Gill.

The Humane Society has been temporarily shut down due to the lack of funding from the thrift store and the coronavirus. Gill says the Thrift Store is around 70% complete though, and they’re excited to begin accepting donations once again in the near future.

“Mostly furniture, we’re not gonna be taking in any clothing or jewelry or shoes or anything like that. We’re gonna stick with the bigger items that can sell easier,” said Gill.

To learn how to donate to the Humane Society, visit

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