Bay County Health Department going door to door for survey after Hurricane Michael


PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Starting next week, people living in Bay County may see a stranger knocking on their front door. Bay County health officials are hoping you answer.

The Florida Department of Health is looking to better understand the needs of the community after Hurricane Michael specifically. They’re doing this by going door to door at random in Bay County to do a health survey to discuss and make sure that the correct resources are available for all residents struggling as a result of Hurricane Michael.

Homes are being selected at random from census information.

Screened volunteers will be going to 20 different areas, surveying seven homes in each. Spokeswoman for Bay County Health Department, Heather Kretzer, says they’re asking residents about 30 questions.

“The questions are going to pertain to a person’s health, such as their access to healthcare post Hurricane Michael, their medications, how are they doing with depression, how are they doing with any chronic illnesses, heart disease or diabetes, are they any worse than what they were, are they being able to manage those since the storm. Also looking at mold related issues, any respiratory illnesses and things people have post storm,” said Kretzer.

The process should not take more than 20 minutes.Health officials are encouraging homeowners to participate in the completely anonymous survey.

“We’re definitely trying to get people to participate, because we want their opinion and their voice heard because it is a really important thing were looking at here, to see what the health needs are. That way we can see what we do to address those health needs. Their names aren’t going to be associated with the survey, were not even going to ask their name, their address will not be associated either. Everything is completely confidential and non-identifiablefiable,” said Kretzer.

The goal is to help better assess the needs of the community.

“What we plan to do with this information is to take a broad view of what the health needs are in Bay County after the storm. From there we will take the information and see as a department what our health priorities should be. And work with our partners at the state and local levels to see what we can do to address those health needs,” said Kretzer.

The dates you can expect those volunteers is Tuesday, October 22nd, Wednesday, October 23rd, and Thursday October 24th, from 2-7 pm.

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