Bay County board of commissioners headed to Washington D.C.


PANAMA CITY, Fla.- The Bay County Commission is tired of waiting for federal aid to hit and is taking matters into their own hands. 

On Tuesday, all 5 members of the commission are headed to Washington D.C. to try and speed up the disaster relief package that is still stuck despite being passed by the house on Friday.

The president is still holding out on signing the bill that would provide much-needed aid to the area. Commissioner Philip ‘Griff’ Griffitts said they have a full schedule when they get to D.C. and have already set up meetings with HUD, FEMA, and officials who will help guide them on the rebuild process for Tyndall Air Force base. 

He said they want to keep the Panhandle on the minds of lawmakers. 

“We just want to continue to be top of mind for those people. It’s obvious the dysfunction up there, they can’t seem to get a disaster bill pushed through and we want to go and continue to push that message to preach the strength of Bay Count and what we need to continue to do to get back on this recovery so that’s what we’re going up there for,” said Philip ‘Griff’ Griffitts, Bay County Commissioner Chairman.

The commissioners will be returning to Bay County on Thursday. 

Commissioner Griffitts said they will continue to press lawmakers until we start to see the federal aid the Panhandle needs. 

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