BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Bay County commissioners are making sure of all of their employees are protected by the Second Amendment. 

At Wednesday’s Bay County commission meeting, commissioners took multiple actions in light of the Second Amendment. Commissioners declared Bay County a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary.’ 

This allows the board to protect Second Amendment rights and to oppose any efforts to violate these rights. 

“If any action may come our way in the future, we just wanted to go ahead and let people know where we stand on the Second Amendment and that we do support it,” said Bay County Commissioner Bill Dozier. 

Commissioners also revised the county’s workplace violence policy. 

“In today’s world, there is so much workplace violence and we hear so many shootings,” said Bay County Commissioner Tommy Hamm. “You just never know where the next one is going to pop up and happen.” 

The revisions will now allow county employees to carry a concealed weapon on county property if they are legally permitted. 

“There should be no restrictions on your choice,” Hamm said. “If it is something you chose to do, you should be able to do it.” 

Florida state law still bans the open carry of a handgun or concealed carry at any meeting of the governing body of a local government, like a bi-weekly commission meeting.