If you received a suspicious call saying you owe money, you’re not alone. The Bay County Sheriff’s Office said they receive 30-40 calls each day from people concerned about phone calls.

Lottery scams, IRS calls and even fake construction workers are just some of many scams the Bay County Sheriff’s Office sees all too often.

“Don’t send money to individuals you do not know,” said investigator Paul Vecker.

They recommend filing your taxes early to avoid those IRS calls threatening to arrest you if you don’t pay up.

“The IRS doesn’t call people on the phone. They will send you a letter you will never forget and you will know it’s the real thing,” said Vecker.

But it’s not all through technology. The sheriff’s office is looking for a suspect in a roofing scam that cost a man $1,200 last week. 

“They will say listen, I just finished a roof project down the road and I noticed you have a bunch of leaves on the roof I can get those leaves off of there,” said Vecker.

The worker then said he found a hole on the roof and needs money to fix it, when in reality there’s no problem.

“We do everything humanly possible and by due diligence to do everything we can for the victim,” said Vecker.

If you do receive a call from an unknown number requesting money, hang up, then call the Bay County Sheriff’s Office scam hotline at 850-248-2328.

The Sheriffs Office also recommends shredding any credit card applications you receive in the mail.