Bay Co. officials urge residents to prepare for heavy rain

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB)- Hurricane season is in full swing, we’re only a month into the season so far.

For the past week, our First Alert Storm team has been tracking a potential tropical system. While the potential incoming system is not a direct threat to our area, it could bring heavy rains.

Emergency Services Chief, Mark Bowen, called a conference Tuesday morning to address activity moving into the Gulf. Bowen said this is expected to be mostly a rain event but it doesn’t hurt to over-prepare.

“We do have so many people out there that are working under a great deal of stress already, they’re already vulnerable and so the preparedness message this hurricane season is even more critical than it has been in years past,” said Bowen.

Officials are watching the storm and encouraging residents to stay informed. “It looks right now that we are going to monitor it very close. We just ask people to keep a clear head, be patient and be nice to one another.

This is not a cause for concern right now. Just watch the media and sign up for Alert Bay,” said Bay Co, Commission Chairman, Philip ‘Griff’ Griffitts.

Locations are open to fill sandbags but you must bring your own bags. At this time, Bay County leaders said there is no cause for concern. “We don’t anticipate any evacuations, we don’t anticipate opening any shelters, we don’t anticipate activating the Emergency Operating Center beyond just monitoring this event. But it is a great reminder that we are not going to escape these hazards,” said Bowen.

The weather is expected to bring high rip currents to Panama City Beach later this week which could be a threat to swimmers. Our News 13 team continues to track this and any threats to our area.

Hurricane season officially ends November 1st.

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