BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Summer season is coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean lifeguards aren’t needed.

There are currently only four lifeguards in the towers out of the ten Bay County needs to be running at full staff.

That’s caused the county to leave Rick Seltzer Park unmanned for most of the season.

“Having to shut down Rick Seltzer from the guards’ standpoint is dangerous but the sheriff’s department has helped out tremendously on the east side of the county and the west side of the county with a bunch of rescues and stuff like that,” Bay County Beach Operations Manager Vincent Martin said.

Beach operations is looking to fill 3 full-time positions as well as 3 seasonal positions.

Pay for Bay County lifeguards starts at $18/hour and they offer paid on-the-job training.

“We pay you to work out and exercise and keep healthy and strong. Just the full-time benefits alone is great to be a lifeguard. There’s not a lot of places that do that. Even the seasonal positions that we have here pay really well. You don’t get the benefits along with it but you still get to train and get paid to do all that as well.”

During the off-season, full-time lifeguards are still guaranteed work and can fill in with the Parks and Rec Department when necessary.

“In our Parks and Rec Department, there’s plenty of work to be done if you are not training and doing things as a lifeguard. We have positions here at the pier. There’s also the parks department off of John Pitts Road. They need staff to help them out there and we just utilize the lifeguards as much as we can for full-time use.”

Visit Bay County’s website to learn more and apply for the lifeguard positions.