Tax-free shopping weekend wraps up

Back to School

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — The tax-free weekend wrapped up Sunday night across Florida, as families and students were out shopping for all the hot deals and getting these items tax-free.

Whether shoppers were picking up their online orders from their cars or going up and down the isle’s, many smiling faces have been seen coming out of the local stores.

In total, the Revenue Estimating Conference estimates shoppers will save $41.8 million dollars. Numerous different items qualified for the tax-free holiday.

“Mostly it’s going to be back to school items. Any products like supplies for the kids, clothing, and a lot of the electronic supplies, like laptops and cellular devices I believe,” said General Merchandise Leader for Target, Danielle Lanci.

“I need to get pencils, scissors, glue, paper, notebooks and binders,” said Arnold Student, Annalise Vincent.

The Panama City Target location also printed out each school’s supply list so families were able to pick up all their essentials.

“I feel like a lot of people grabbed the list and it’s really helpful and they were just checking off what they needed, so I thought it was a good idea,” said Lanci.

Many families enjoyed getting out and about with their students.

“It’s very beneficial, it helps. It’s a few cents but every few cents helps,” said Shopper, Sherry Hansen.

“This is my first year going school shopping because she’s going to kindergarten, so it’s pretty exciting. It’s nerve-racking all at the same time because of everything else going on,” said Shopper Lisa Winters.

Shoppers were also able to shop tax free online.

“It’s been pretty good this weekend a lot of sales, online and in the store,” said Lanci.

“I like both online and in person, it just depends on the sales, deals, and how convenient it is,” said Winters.

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