Bay District School staff will receive a cost of living stipend

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — The school district is continuing to look after its staff by providing a cost of living stipend for the second year in a row.

All full time employees except for board members and the superintendent, will be paid an extra $1,500 this fall, as long as they have worked over 98 days during the last school year.

If they worked less than those 98 days they will receive $1,000.

Superintendent Bill Husfelt says this money is not just for teachers.

“It’s also for support employees, and administrators, the only ones that are not eligible for the stipend are our school board members and myself. So everyone that worked for us last year and this year will get something, and we’re excited to be able to do that,” said Superintendent Husfelt.

Substitutes do not qualify because they are not full time employees. They are eligible for up to $1,00 each school year however if they work at least ten days each month.

The district will be sending those stipends out in September.

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