PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB)–Local and state law enforcement are still investigating the December car crash at Coconut Creek Family Fun Park that left two young children dead. The latest information reveals the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has been told to hold off on processing the toxicology evidence.

On December 4th, Panama City Beach resident, Scott Donaldson, drove his pickup truck across Front Beach Road and crashed into the family golf course. Four-year-old Baylor and six-year-old Addie Kirchgessner died at the scene.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement says they received the evidence from that crash on January 6th. On January 11th, F.D.L.E tells News 13, the State Attorney’s Office told them to hold off on processing it.

“They called F.D.L.E., told them ‘hold up on the analysis, we are subpoenaing medical records on him from his medical doctors’,” said Waylon Graham, Donaldson’s Attorney.

Graham says this was done to learn about Donaldson’s medical history and what medicine he was taking at the time of the crash. He says his client suffers from seizures.

“So they wanted the blood to be tested for those particular prescriptions to see if he was taking them as told to by his doctor,” Graham said.

As they wait for the medical records to be evaluated, Graham says the goal is to preserve the evidence.

“You have a limited amount of blood that you can analyze that you draw from an individual and you can use that blood up,” Graham said.

The attorney also says F.D.L.E. is only able to test for controlled substances, which do not include his client’s prescriptions.

“So what they had to do to is make sure there’s enough blood left to send to a specific lab with more advanced capabilities,” Graham said.

These extra steps are what is leading to a delay in the toxicology report results. Graham says his client is cooperating and all records will be submitted for analysis. News 13 will share those results when they become available.