Attorney: It’s okay to abbreviate 2020 as 20 on documents


PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — A post circulating on Facebook advises people to not abbreviate the year 2020 as 20.

News 13 wanted to find out if there was a risk to those who do.

Larry Perry, an attorney with Perry & Young, says his office goes through hundreds of thousands of documents each year.

“Abbreviating 2020 as 20 is perfectly acceptable and okay. There are a multitude of ways to verify document authenticity, especially with the date concern,” Perry said. “Adding the 20 to it or trying to say that somebody’s gonna put something after that [is] no big deal.”

Perry says documents emailed or faxed have timestamps on them, and notarized documents have a date on the stamp. Documents filed in a courthouse or online also have the date and timestamp.

“We just went through an entire year with [20]19, and guess what, for 100 years we had 1900 to 1999, people could’ve done the same thing,” Perry said. “There’s not gonna be a problem at all.”

Perry recommends signing documents in ink and to make sure you put the first part of the date as well. He says there are usually multiple areas of authentication when dealing with documents.

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