Attempted second-degree murder case heads to trial

BAY COUNTY, Fla. — A Panama City man is facing charges of second-degree murder after police say he stabbed his girlfriend. 

Samuel Solomon reportedly stabbed the woman three times while the two were arguing outside a home in Springfield in January of 2019.

Police say there were two stab wounds in the victim’s chest and one in her left shoulder. 

According to the police report, after the incident, Solomon reportedly went inside the residence and told the victim’s parents to call for an ambulance. The report says he was allegedly still holding the knife in his hand when he did this. 

On Monday, jury selection began for trial.

Both the defense and state addressed more than 20 possible jurors, making sure the ones chosen are able to give a fair trial.

Assistant State Attorney Alexis Sykes finished her remarks, making sure all knew how to define and identify reasonable doubt.

“If you walked outside of the courtroom today, and there were puddles of water on the ground, you could make or force yourself to believe a Zephyrhills truck exploded outside, or you could use your common sense and know that it rained. Does everyone understand that?” said Sykes. 

All possible jurors replied, “Yes.”

Sykes continued, “So when you talk about reasonable doubt, it has to be something that’s actually reasonable. Not something you have to force yourself to imagine or make up in your head.”

The trial is scheduled to begin on Thursday.

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