As dog days of Summer continue school workers rush to fix air conditioners


PANAMA CITY, Fla (WMBB) — Many Bay District Schools are without a working air conditioning system, making conditions inside the classroom hotter than normal.

Many schools in the district have not recovered from Hurricane Michael fully, and that includes air conditioning units working properly in classrooms and buildings around campuses.

Without proper air conditioning, classrooms not only get hot but students lunches can spoil and students may become distracted by the heat.

Executive Director of Operations for Bay District Schools, Doug Lee, said his crews are working to fix the problem.

“I guarantee you, we’re on them. Those sites right now were addressing those issues immediately,” Lee said.

Some schools had bigger issues than others.

“Bay High, we’ve had some issues with the portables and a couple of classrooms in some wings, then Waller: their cafeteria is really the one we’ve been waiting on the compressor to get in and we’ve been waiting for some time on that one, and we got it this morning and they’re addressing that as we speak,” said Lee.

Bay District officials say this kind of thing sometimes happens, and they know the extreme heat this week didn’t help.

“This is kind of typical for this time of the year, starting school-we’ve always had this but again this week with the extreme hot weather we’ve had I think it kind of elevates it,” said Lee.

They hope to fix all of the A.C. units by Monday.

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