Approval for Domestic Violence Unit in Lynn Haven Police Department

LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — The Lynn Haven City Commission discussed possible action to fund a Domestic Violence Unit within the city’s police department Tuesday afternoon at the City Commission Meeting.

The commission motioned and approved the unit with a proposed funding of $70,000 and a vehicle for the position. The hired person will specifically handle and investigate cases of domestic violence in the Lynn Haven community.

“I think that Lynn Haven can lead the way in this,” said Margo Anderson, the mayor of Lynn Haven. “While there are certainly cases of men who are victims of domestic violence, for the most part, it tends to be women. It tends to be by those who are either their spouses or boyfriends or someone who is angry with them, and sometimes it’s just random.”

Mayor Anderson originally pushed for the addition of the unit, and since has held meetings with the police department to propose the action at the meeting.

She voiced further support for the unit before the motion and approval took place, citing recent victims of domestic violence in Lynn Haven as examples of how the addition would serve the community.

The unit will be named in honor of Ashley Adams, a woman in the Lynn Haven area who was murdered in August of 2018 in a domestic violence incident. Mayor Anderson noted she has spoken with members of Adams’ family and they showed support for the unit being named after Adams.

Other commissioners voiced their support beyond the meeting’s necessary approval, including giving thanks to Mayor Anderson for bringing the issue of domestic violence in front of the commission and Lynn Haven citizens.

“Domestic violence is a problem in our society,” said Brandon Aldridge, a Lynn Haven City Commissioner. “And any man who would hit a woman is not a man, so I think that this would be great for our city.”

The next steps for the unit’s development are with the Lynn Haven Police Department as it begins to gather any further information and then start the hiring process to find candidates.

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