PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Panama City Commissioners are considering the addition of an apartment complex near Frankford Avenue and 33rd Street.

A group called Inlet Property Co. has a plan to develop the 15 acres of land.

“Our request today is for you to approve by first reading the annexation and the rezoning and to move forward, we can work through the issues as have been spelled out,” the Applicant’s representative William Harrison said.

The complex proposal is said to include around 300 apartments.

The Panama City Planning Board recommended the city commission deny this project.

Many residents who live near Frankford Avenue said they couldn’t agree more.

They said the last thing they’d want is a four-story building towering over their homes.

“We’re going to have people looking down at us and we’re going to be looking up at 150-foot high buildings jammed packed together,” Resident Frank Sundram said.

They also said their traffic issues would get worse.

Panama City Commissioners said they need time to consider if this large complex is the best decision for the city and its residents.

“We’re here to support,” City Manager Josh Street said. “Obviously you guys are residents that are already there. We’re not looking to change your backyards completely but we do want to shape what the future of Frankford looks like together.”

Many residents said they wouldn’t mind if single-family homes were built in this area.

Commissioners decided to continue this discussion at their next meeting on June 28. They aren’t taking a vote at that meeting either.