Andy’s Flour Power and Infinity Orthotics and Prosthetics are “Open For Biz”


Another two businesses in Bay County that were affected by Hurricane Michael have opened back up for normal business hours after remodeling.

In this weeks Open For Biz sponsored by GED Lawyers. News13s Chris Marchand focuses Infinity Orthotics and Prosthetics and Andy’s Flour Power.

We begin with Andy’s Flour Power. While Andy’s Flour Power on the beach suffered just a little damage, the location that now holds Andy.s in town, which was Red Elephant, suffered a lot of damage forcing them to close.

Andy’s now in that same location and serving some of the best breakfast, lunch and brunch you can find in the area. Owner of Andy’s Flower Power, John Certo said, he is just thankful to be in such a supportive community

He said, “It’s not my flower power it’s the communities flower power and for us to be able to grow and the community support us this is how we rebuild and when people come in and tell me thank you i feel like you’re thanking me for doing something we love something that we have always been supported we want to thank you all and we wanna say this is your flower power this is the communities flower power.”

Andy’s is open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch.

On now to Infinity Orthotics and Prosthetics Founder, Kip Hicks said, Infinity specializes in prosthetic systems for lower extremity amputations of all levels, as well as producing their own custom orthotics and also offer pre fabricated orthotics through their rehab science division.

Kip said, they had to move locations from the Baldwin Plaza to their current location on Huntcliff Lane just off Jenks Avenue and said one of the biggest difficulties was notifying the community they were still open.

He said, “So it was very hard to get the word back out to the community we were still open and while it was not fully operational we did want to take care of the patients but it was hard to contact them very difficult that’s the biggest obstacle we found after michael is just losing touch with people who wanted and needed care.”

You can call 248-0016 for more information.

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