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An Area in Walton Co. Desperately Needs Water and Sewer, Will Triumph Gulf Coast Approve the Plans?


An area in the county is in desperate need of a water and sewer system. After being put on hold for several months, it looks like progress is finally being made.

Initially, plans were presented to the Triumph Gulf Coast Committee as a $35 Million “all-at-once” project but, Triumph wanted something different. Something broken into segements.

Now with new plans in hand, the U.S. 331 water and sewer project will be broken into phases with a promise to attract new businesses with high paying jobs.

The Walton County Commissioners say, they recognized how vital the project is and pledged $2 million from RESTORE act funds to match the Triumph funds.

“Until we get water and sewer to some compacity on south 331, those business can’t come. There is no way they can build, or even start construction without water and sewer. So, we need to have that component in place to bring those businesses in,” explained Danny Glidewell, Walton County Commissioner.

With the support of the Walton County Commissioners, DeFuniak City Council and the Economic Development Administration, the project application will be submitted to TRUIPMH at the state level, for review.

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