FREEPORT Fla. (WMBB) — Alaqua Animal Refuge has recently been able to showcase its rescue services in different ways.

Film crews from the CW show ‘To The Rescue‘ have been in town to feature them.

It all starts by taking small steps, and that is exactly what Alaqua Animal Refuge and their animals have been doing to get to their big move to their Highway 20 location.

“The rescue world, when it really boils down to it, is fairly a small pool of organizations that are doing amazing work, and so we all know one another, and we were recommended by another group to be featured,” said Founder Laurie Hood.

‘To The Rescue’ has been filming focusing on dog rescues. But host Tommy Habeeb said when he got to Freeport with his crew, he was blown away at all the stories he heard about Alaqua.

“A 10-month-old Portuguese water dog, and he’s going to this wonderful home with this little girl who has a brain tumor, and I get to tell this story,” said Habeeb.

“We worked on some cases that we thought would make good television initially, but when they got here, they were like, “Oh my goodness, there are so many cases that we could feature,” so we are not sure exactly what they are going to finally end up choosing,” Hood said. 

She said they had received a lot of national attention from different hoarding cases they have worked on over the past 14 years.

“It brings awareness to the bigger picture and that is so important to our vision,” said Hood.

“We discovered this amazing place,” said Habeeb. “Horses and pigs and goats and cows and everything Laurie Hood does that started this rescue, this refuge for all these animals.”

Hood also said they should have some new information about their move within the next two months.