FREEPORT, Fla. — It’s been more than a month since the Alaqua Animal Refuge rescued over a hundred dogs and puppies from a hoarding situation in Holmes County, many of them in poor condition and suffering from illnesses.

“The group that actually went in to go get all of them, they said it wasn’t like anything they’d ever seen,” said Janene Prokes, a volunteer at Alaqua who has been helping to care for the dogs since they arrived at the shelter.

She said that taking care of all these dogs takes a lot of resources, time and money, especially when it comes to their medical needs.

“We do have one who’s paralyzed, but we’re working with him,” said Prokes. “It’s just been a matter of giving them love and security and safety and they know that we’re here for them.”

The shelter even held a community yard sale on Saturday to help raise money. All that hard work is paying off though; out of the almost 150 dogs that arrived over a month ago, only about 30 more are waiting to find their forever homes.

Alaqua’s outdoor manager, Alissa Parsons, says the best part of the whole experience has been watching the dogs learn how to love life again.

“A lot of them have started coming out of their shell,” said Parsons. “They’re starting to show what they really are and they’re excited about being a dog.”

They’re even more excited to find the family they’ll get to call their own. For more information on Alaqua Animal Refuge, and how you can help though donations and fostering, click here.