AAA heating – Air Conditioning & Refrigeration and First National Bank of Northwest Florida are “Open For Biz”.


Time for another edition of “Open For Biz” sponsored by ged (jed) lawyers.

This week Chris Marchand focuses on AAA heating – Air Conditioning & Refrigeration and First National Bank of Northwest Florida.

We begin with one company that a lot of people were very happy to see open, AAA Heating – Air Conditioning & Refrigeration.

William Smith, Manager of AAA Heating said, the storm ripped up a lot of their roof forcing them to relocate to a temporary location at employees homes, and like so many other businesses one issue they faced was letting know they were back in operation.

Smith said, “Yeah they were more so the commercial side than the residential because they were trying to get back open doors so they could serve the community we had quite a bit of air conditioning units blown off the units somewhere lift lift it off the curbs and so on yeah they were glad to hear we were open we had to go through a whole rigmarole to get open but it worked out we were able to get in contact with some people and they could contact us”.

To contact AAA Heating – Air Conditioning & Refrigeration call 785-6060.

On now to First National Bank of Northwest Florida. First Nationals main branch on 23rd street is a three story tall structure that had significant damage to all three stories.

Some areas were completely exposed to outside conditions. President and CEO of First National Bank of Northwest Florida said, the top two floors were so badly damaged they had to make arrangements for employees at another branch location.

She said, “We moved our loan servicing department and our bookkeeping department to our beach branch which is a one-story facility so everyone got very cozy and we were able to take pieces and parts of our other two floors here at our main location and we actually open this lobby up within i think 10 days we wanted to make sure everyone had access on the side of the bridge”.

That main branch is open at 9 a.m. Every day except Sunday.

Is your business open following Hurricane Michael? Have a projected opening date after your renovations and cleanup? Fill out the form below to list your business “Open for Biz” here in the Panhandle. The service is FREE to all businesses!

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