A unique pedestrian safety improvement will be added to Inlet Beach


SOUTH WALTON Fla. (WMBB) — The Inlet Beach Underpass construction is coming to fruition in late February.

By the end of February, there will construction vehicles all along the intersection of Highway 98 and County Road 30-A near Rosemary Beach.

“This $5.6 million project was appropriated by the state legislature,” said Florida Department of Transportation Spokesperson, Ian Satter. “The Our local legislatures in this area looked at this area and saw the need and was able to get this money appropriated for this project.”

The state and the county knew something has to be done. This will the second underpass built by the state within the past few years.

Satter said the one in Tallahassee has served well and this unique roadway will minimize potential hazards for commuters and pedestrians.

“The underpass serves several purposes, It provides a refuge for pedestrians to be able to go underneath the roadway and avoid any sort of conflict that would be on a roadway, pedestrian-vehicle conflicts that would be on the actual roadway so putting them underneath there takes away that possibility for those things to occur,” he said.

And to those that use Highway 98 for their daily commute, Satter said there should be minimal impacts along this roadway. 

“Most of the work will be done in the evening hours to avoid any sort of major interruptions to traffic,” he said. “We shouldn’t have many disruptions just based on the work, it will be underground. It involves us boring through the area and working through some of the utilities.”

Since Satter said there is so much growth in this area, they are looking to increase safety for drivers as well.

“Not only will we be having the underpass, but we will also be adding an additional right turn lane that will be here as well, where we will be making improvements for pedestrians and other features on the roadway as well,” he said.

Construction will start soon and run until late 20-22 and studies will be done after the project is complete to see the impact on safety.

After the project is complete, it will be up to Walton County officials to maintain the underpass.

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