PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB)–Protestors gathered on the east end of the Hathaway Bridge on Saturday to protest and share their thoughts on the death of George Floyd. The protest started out as a small gathering and slowly grew throughout the afternoon as it circulated on social media.

“Whether or not he was innocent, he was killed and it’s just not fair,” said Tommy Faulk, a Panama City Beach resident who was protesting.

Faulk said it’s time for action.

“I want something to be done, even if it means me just standing here holding this sign,” said Faulk.

He and dozens of others held signs off of the Hathaway Bridge and they say it’s all about inspiring change.

“We can choose to either sit back and watch it happen in front of us or you can say something or try and do something about it,” said Taylor Pecori, a protester.

One protestor believes everyone should be held to the same standard.

“All we want is to just see every police officer, every elected official be held to the same standards that you are held to and that I am held to. That’s all we want,” said Conrad Young, a Panama City resident.

Faulk says violence isn’t the answer.

“It doesn’t have to be violent ever. It can be done peacefully, it just takes the right people and the right amount of people to make it happen,” said Faulk.

With signs and fists in the air, the group received many honks from passing vehicles with hope to inspire the change they want to see in the country.