WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – A message in a bottle washed up along the shores of a South Walton beach, making its way into the hands of Sergeant Paula Pendleton of the Walton County Sheriff’s Office.

“There was four dollars cash in it, this note and a little baggie full of Brian’s ashes,” Sergeant Pendleton said.

Brian Mullins was a Texas man who loved to travel. But he lost his life early to an unexpected heart attack in March, according to a letter left inside the bottle handwritten by his mom and daughter.

“They wanted to fulfill his dream of just continuing on the journey and continuing his adventures across the world,” Sergeant Pendleton said.

After suddenly losing her life partner and becoming widowed last April, Sergeant Pendleton said she feels like Brian’s bottle was meant to find her.

“I almost feel like Brian was sent to me,” she said. “My husband was a boat captain and a chef, so he liked to travel on the water, too. So, ironically, I think they met somewhere out there and brought him to me so I could set him on his way.”

Sergeant Pendleton said she’s putting the note back in the bottle today, along with Brian’s ashes and she’s giving it to a friend who’s a charter boat captain. He plans to take it out further into the Gulf.