A Man Arrested for Allegedly Raping Unconscious Woman on Panama City Beach

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. - With summer in full swing, the beach remains a crowded spot during the day, and for some at night. Around midnight Thursday night, a woman found herself involved in a reported act of crime, sexual battery. 


Panama City Beach Police have arrested 21 year old Sean Riley from Alabama. Riley was allegedly having sexual intercourse with a woman who was laying unconscious in a chair. However, with news of that reported crime, some beach-goers tell me they feel safe on the beach. 

"My wife she walks the beach everyday by herself in the morning and she has a bicycle, she feels perfectly safe," said Bob Raeber, Panama City Beach Visitor. 

Raeber has been visiting Panama City Beach for five years. He has seen a change since the Spring Break Ordinances were put in place in 2015. 

"It's definitely improved Spring Break wise, I know they make a lot of income during spring break," said Raeber. 

He said he thinks scenarios like sexual battery crimes may happen often, but he doesn't always hear about it. Reports from the incident say that beach go-ers who witnessed the battery behind the Sterling Breeze Condos told Riley to stop. Shortly after he fled the scene, reports say officers found him not far from the area. 

"I use to tell our visitors our beaches are nothing but a dark alley late at night, and you need to be with other people and be conscious of your surroundings and protect yourself," said Elisa Prugar, Panama City Beach Visitor. 


Prugar, former law officer from Daytona, has been visiting the area for three years.

 "At night I would never come down here alone, even being a law enforcement officer for 30 years I would not ever come to the beach alone," said Prugar. 


Officials are still investigating the incident.  


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