A local doctor sees longterm effects from COVID-19


BAY COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) — Within the past 30 days, local doctors have started recommending other measures to prevent long term injury if you do catch COVID-19.

When it comes to preventative measures for COVID-19, the CDC has advised to keep a six-foot distance, practice good hand-washing as well as wearing a mask.

Doctors across the country have been noticing different side effects COVID-19 has on the lungs, creating life long injury.  

“Cases that do have significant lung disease develop, unfortunately, we are seeing a great deal of lung injury,” said Mario Pulido an internal medicine doctor at Ascension Heart Medical center in Bay County.

Doctor Pulido said he sees lung injuries develop in both healthy individuals as well as those suffering from chronic medical conditions. 

“My council would be, if you smoke, it would be a great time for you to think about putting the cigarettes down,” said Pulido. “If you exercise, keep exercising. If you want to exercise it is a great time to start.”

The healthier you live day to day, Dr. Pulido said it will help with any possible injury to your body, as well as tolerance from COVID-19. 

 “I would expect the cases to still rise in the next week or two, hopefully no more than three, but as that curve starts to redirect, then it is just a matter of maintaining the same practices that will keep it flat beyond that,” said Pulido.

Other practices He suggests are, getting vitamin D, vitamin C, as well as zinc. Which are all obtained through a healthy diet.

Although, Dr. Pulido said lately there have been more ER visits.

“We have seen an increase of patients that are sick enough to either be placed in the hospital for a day or two and see what kind of need they have to go back into the community safely,” said Pulido.

Dr. Pulido said he feels more confident in what doctors can offer as they get more familiar with the virus.

“Remarkably better than what it was thirty days ago, sixty days ago as we were entering into this COVID phase,” said Pulido.

He said it is important to be mindful of others and following safety precautions to keep others safe as well.

Doctor Pulido emphasized the importance of staying healthy during this time in order for personal health as well as being mindful of others.

He encourages those who have contracted COVID-19 and are healthy to consider donating plasma to assist others.

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