A Game of Softball Brings Together the Community in Chipley

CHIPLEY, Fla. - They protect, they serve and they throw a mean pitch. Officers and their families gathered at Pal's Park for the First Responder Showdown Softball Tournament.



Holmes and Washington County walked on to the field for some friendly competition. The focus of the game was not the score board, but rather coming together as a community. 



"We're just looking for the community to come out and join us and see that we're just here to have a good time with them and be engaged in things they want to participate in," said Kristin Martin, Washington County Public Information Officer.



This is the first year for the First Responder Showdown Softball Tournament. 



"We have an amazing community in Washington County and we received several donations as we were playing on the field earlier and we had one sponsor that was donating 100 dollars a home run," said Martin. 



Officials with the Washington County Sheriff's Office said the money raised will go towards future community events. Those who participated were happy to be a part of the event for one reason. 



"It brings everyone together, the surrounding counties, to have fun," said Tyler Brannon, Washington County SRO.



And during the game, there was plenty of support from outside the fence. 



"They all need support because they do a good job for the community and us in the country," said Harold Smith.



An event that can be described in one phrase. 



"It was amazing!." 



There wasn't a set goal for how much money organizers hoped to raise. They said that every donation counts. 


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