A County in the Panhandle Might Soon Be in the Bar and Grill Industry


Dust off your clubs and start practicing your swings because things are moving along for a soon-to-be owned county golf course and country club. 

Only a few more loose ends have to be decided. One of the big topics county commissioners have to decide deals with alcohol. 

The keys to the DeFuniak Springs Country Club and Golf Course are just about ready to be given to Walton County Commissioners. 

On Tuesday, March 26 , county leaders have a lengthy priority list to address. Topics such as player and member fees, additional recreational activities and then, signing of the official purchase contract. 

The biggest topic thought, deals with what the county will do about the clubhouse bar and grill. 

“The parks that are located in Walton County have an ordinance states that there is no alcohol allowed so the meeting will make an amendment to that so that it would be allowed on the golf course only,” shared Shelia Landingham, Parks and Rec Coordinator.

The Walton County Commissioners will be presented with several options on what they could do with the bar. One of the options is to lease the bar and grill to an outside company, who has their own liquor license.

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