9 Pound Lobster Caught at Schooners Lobsterfest


After 7 days of events, the 2018 Schooners Lobsterfest has wrapped up. It ran from Sep. 17th to Sep. 23rd. Thousands came from all over the United States to enjoy some lobster festivities. Saturday was their busiest day, pulling in about 5,000 people and on Sunday between 3,000 to 4,000 people. 

Michael Whitmer, the Schooners general manager is proud of the annual event. “It’s been a great festival. Number 29. So far so good still going strong.”

On the final day (Sunday Sep. 23) the lobster diving tournament winners were announced. Winning first place for the spiny lobster competition was Mark Elliott. “It’s a great feeling to come to this festival and get the biggest spiny.” This is his 10th year competing and second time winning a first place prize. He says lobster diving is a skill that requires a little bit of luck. “You can scout and do anything that you want to do but you’ve got to make a lot of dives and just hope that you’ll find them.”

Here are the first place winners in all three categories of the lobster tournament:

Spiny: Mark Elliott -9.7 lbs. lobster-  $1000 prize.

Big Six: John Pipkin- 40 lbs. of 6 lobsters- $500 prize.

Shovelnose: Clint Iles 1.4 lb lobster- $300 prize.

In the aftermath of the festival is the cleanup. Schooners stays open while crews breakdown the stage and tents. “We kind of change the tire as the car’s still rolling as they say,” explained Whitmer. 

This was the 29th annual Lobsterfest and far from the last. Dates have already been released for the next 8 years. Next year’s will be Sep. 16th through the 22nd. 

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