9-foot Offshore Bottlenose Dolphin rescued on Tuesday, passes away


PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — A 9-foot Offshore Bottlenose Dolphin that was rescued on Tuesday passed away overnight on Wednesday.

The dolphin was rescued by the Gulf World Marine Institute near the Indian pass, after a phone call from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Staff members at Gulf World Marine Institute were taking shifts watching the dolphin for 24 hours to ensure she stayed alive and healthy.

They said the dolphin was able to swim on her own after she was rescued, but they continued to watch her. They were treating her with antibiotics, antifungals, supplements, and she was being hydrated regularly.

“Every effort was made to save her, but unfortunately she succumbed to her illnesses,” said the Gulf World Marine Institute. “It is important to remember that marine mammals stranding alive are usually in worse shape than they first appear, which is why they are under 24-hour watch when they come into rehab.”

Gulf World Marine Institute rescues 9-foot Offshore Bottlenose Dolphin

“We hope to learn more valuable information about this case that will contribute to our understanding of the health status of Gulf of Mexico populations; these efforts all contribute to their conservation,” the Gulf World Marine Institute said.

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